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Our mission is to provide a high quality service that will enable our clients to reach their full potential in assessments and to help them gain a sense of satisfaction and achievement from their progress. Our unique selling point is our extensive experience as highly successful practitioners, examiners and published authors, along with a strong commitment to delivering on client expectations.

Our expertise is grounded in the Social Sciences, with a particular focus on Sociology. This specialisation means that we have been able to establish a level of competence in this particular niche market that other providers would find hard to match.

Marbury has experience of course leadership in Colleges with Beacon Status and these organisations have been recognised for their excellence in teaching and innovation. We have close links with the examination boards and have many years of experience marking AS and A2 exam scripts. This enables us to pass on valuable advice concerning examination technique and how to attract marks in the most efficient and effective ways.

Although we often hear about the personalised learning in the media, it can be difficult to secure the benefits that come with one to one attention in many traditional educational settings.

Additionally, some students find that the level of support that we offer at Marbury helps them to get more out of their distance learning courses. Instead of getting your tutor feedback after you have submitted an assignment, with Marbury you can seek guidance and feedback just when you need it.

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