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"Before I started with Julian, I was pretty much on course to graduating with a 3rd Class degree in Social Science. I not only had to start all my third year modules but also had to retake a Module as well.  Julian was the best source of help that I could have had from online tutoring sessions, to corrections and improvements. With his help I went from someone who was predicted a 3rd to someone who is now graduating with a 2:1. I would recommend Julian as a tutor to anyone, he's always patient, well prepared, a constant source of information and he never lets you down." Fern, Brighton, 2012

 'I must admit before using Marbury education I was rather reluctant and sceptical about using an online tutoring service, but after a quick phone call from Julian I was quickly reassured. He has been amazing, always going that extra bit to help and I owe to him that I am now graduating with a 2.1 in Sociology without his help this would not have been possible!'

Christabel, Manchester, 2012

In January 2012, my son re-sat a Political Ideologies paper in a bid to improve his overall grade for a Government and Politics A level.  He needed a high C to secure a place at his first choice university but got an A, something that he achieved with the help of weekly tutorials with Julian Salisbury in the run-up to the exam.  My son went from feeling negative about the subject to fully engaged and enthusiastic.  This was thanks to Julian’s ability to make the subject come alive.  Julian offered excellent guidance, set essays and provided a level of feedback  far beyond what you would expect from a teacher at a school or college.    We came across his site by trawling the net for private tutors, having failed to find anyone in Manchester who was able to help.  Julian responded immediately to our enquiry and made it easy to arrange times for tutorials.   Using Skype worked a treat .  Skype is incredibly easy to set-up on a computer or laptop.  It allows for personal interaction, is convenient and does away with the need for travel and arriving late for a tutorial because you got stuck in traffic!  This makes the cost of each session even more affordable.  It was a stroke of luck that we came across Julian and we are extremely grateful to him. Louise, Manchester

We've been really pleased with the help that Julian has given our daughter so far. He's helped her engage with the subject in way that she hadn't been able to before. Julian is reliable and conscientious and we highly recommend him as a Sociology tutor. Michele (Northampton) 2011

I studied A level sociology on a part-time basis, and found the help I received to be invaluable. My tutor was insightful, very approachable and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. I was particularly surprised by the depth at which we were able to cover the syllabus online. From my experience, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Marbury education. Naomi (Uxbridge) 2010

The sessions have helped my learning greatly, the one on one nature of them means I get a deeper understanding of the subject area and any queries I have about it can be directly answered and explained. The nature of the tutoring is also excellent; being tailored to the way I personally learn best to make sure I get optimum learning from them, I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to enhance their learning as they have been an invaluable aid to my exam preparation. Jessica (Warrington) 2009

I find these lessons really useful! Writing out essays after having read through lots of material and having someone to critically go through your essay as well as adding essay plans etc is really invaluable when it comes to learning things for the exams. I also wouldn't have been able to do it alone, and definitely required help from a tutor to help me progress. Ashira (Stoke) 2009

I would like to thank you very much for your help over the exam period, without it I would never have achieved even close to what I got and probably would have been forced to go to another University or redo the year. Ibrahim (London) 2009

Before starting tuition with Julian I had already sat my AS units and had just managed to scrape a low A, but I was not enjoying the subject. I needed an overall A in order to get my firm choice at university. I hadn’t used online tutoring before and was unsure as to whether I would like it. After a few weeks I began to enjoy the subject as Julian’s enthusiasm and love of Sociology rubbed off on me. Julian was very flexible and managed to fit in extra slots when required, he was excellent at marking my work and giving me constructive criticism which helped to raise the standard of my written work. I achieved high A’s in both A2 units all thanks to him.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tutoring with Julian and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs extra help. Rhianne (Cheshire) 2011

Julian provided excellent long distance training which helped my daughter achieve an ‘A’ grade in Sociology and be accepted to her first choice University. I would strongly recommend him to anyone sitting ‘A’ level Sociology. Robert (Lytham) 2011

Julian has been tutoring my son for Politics A Level on and off over the last 9 months, but mainly in the run-up to the exams in June and we can't thank him enough. My son is dyspraxic, so struggles a lot with organisation and concentration, but Julian displayed immense patience with him. Julian is never anything less than 100% prepared for and committed to his teaching sessions, and he's obviously very experienced in the online teaching format. He's quick to adapt his approach according to the student's needs and also in our case spent a lot of his own time researching a particular topic on my son's curriculum that he wasn't particularly familiar with, where other tutors would have said "sorry, can't help with that"! The additional resources Julian provides for students, in terms of recommended reading, practice questions, online quizzes and other interactive tools, are excellent as well. From my point of view as a parent, it was extremely reassuring to know that extra help was at hand, and the sessions with Julian gave us a structure and discipline for revision that would not have been possible if left to our own devices. Overall, my son went from being a low E grade student to a high D in his A Level overall (very nearly a C). Bearing in mind that my son's AS results (two Es) were already a fait accompli when Julian took him on, and that A2s are generally harder than AS, this was a great outcome and provided enough extra UCAS points to get him into his first choice of University. A grade improvement is priceless these days when it comes to University entry - and for someone to accomplish that with a tricky student with learning difficulties is a huge accolade in my book. I cannot recommend Julian highly enough as a tutor, you will not be disappointed. Susan (Stamford) 2011

I'm leaving feedback from a parent’s perspective. Coming to online tuition for the first time I had my concerns, however I can say that Julian provides absolutely first class tutoring. He is proactive, well organized, and lesson content is backed up by extensive teaching materials for the student. Work is set and returned promptly with detailed indication of where and how to improve. He manages to easily establish a relationship with the student that is both encouraging but accountable. I doubt that I could have accessed such high quality tuition locally. As far as online tutoring is concerned, it is free from distraction, and very efficient in terms of time, with no travel overhead. I'm a convert, and now feel confident that my daughter’s best interests are being looked after. Elizabeth (Skipton) 2010


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