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August 2011

We have had some excellent news from our Politics and Sociology students this summer with many achieving ‘A’ grades. We were particularly pleased that so many were able to secure their first choice University in this competitive environment. For some students this meant achieving top grades and appearing in their local paper and for some it meant moving from the lowest grade boundary to a C. Our work with University students has increased quite significantly this year and the subject areas have become more eclectic. Some of the material has been on Immigration Policy, Sino-American Relations, Urbanisation, Corporate Manslaughter, The Rights of Children, Media Effects Research as well as Homelessness and Housing Policy. We have simplified our charges for the work we do so everything; irrespective of whether it is teaching on Skype or supporting you with improving an essay, dissertation or UCAS personal statement, all comes from the ‘pot’ hours you buy from the website. Just send us a contact invite to marburyeducation on Skype and we can talk about your needs and how we can help maximise your academic potential.

February 2011

Welcome to our first news update for 2011 from Marbury. The work we’ve been supporting students with seems to be getting more diverse as increasing numbers of University students take advantage of our skills and experience at level 4. Some have asked our advice on making socio-political comparisons between famous novels whilst others have been supported in more traditional areas like Childhood Studies or Criminology. The ‘A’ Level exam season is a distant memory for many students but less so for us as we’ve been marking the scripts for the Boards too. In the run up to the January exams it was extremely busy and we saw far more Politics students making use of the Skype video calls and the detailed feedback service on their homework/essay submissions. We’ve put some more podcasts on our U-Tube channel and I think we’ve had over 10,000 downloads already. As things are always quieter in February it would be an ideal time to let us know about any resources you’d like us to create or additional services we could offer. Finally, the best of luck to all our students as results come out next month and remember, contact us to get started on your summer exam/assignment prep in good time as last minute attempts are far too stressful and rarely produce best results.

August 2010

As the new academic year approaches I thought it was about time we updated Marbury news to let you know how things have been going over the past several months. When we became a Ltd Company about eighteen months ago our student profile was largely ‘A’ level and to a certain extent this remains true today.

However, we have been supporting far more University students in their examination preparation, with assignments and with their dissertations. Some of this years topic areas have included; New Labour’s The Third Way, British Housing Policy, The Social Construction of Age, Social Welfare and the Welfare State, Attachment Theory, Inclusive learning as well as Special Educational Needs. We are very proud of our summer ‘AS’ and ‘A’ results, with students doing
especially well in the Sociology Education and Methods module and one of our Politics students who achieved AAAB even qualified for a £1000 bursary at her first choice University. We are still being notified about more results as students come back from their holidays but the grade profiles at level three and level four have been excellent. We look forward to ensuring that our learners reach their full academic potential in 2011.

January 2010

In the run up to the January exams and essay deadlines, we have been exceptionally busy supporting AS, A2 and Undergraduate students. The majority of our work has been focused on Politics and Sociology, though we have recently introduced the academic support package for those coming from abroad to study in the British Higher education system for the first time.

Some students sought help improving their UCAS personal statements and this really helped them to create the best possible impression for the University admissions tutors. Selling your strengths is really important as the system becomes ever more competitive.

The writing and recording of the free downloads has led to a few late nights here at Marbury but we really think they will help students to develop a better understanding of the topic areas in their particular curriculum. More downloads on the way for those of you taking politics too.


June/July 2009

This year, we have been supporting ‘A’ level and Undergraduate students with assignments, examination questions/answers, understanding challenging journal articles, coursework and research proposals. A few of the most recent topic areas are listed below:

Charles Murray: The Emerging British Underclass (1990)

Different Responses to the Problem of Social Exclusion

Sociological Perspectives on and Solutions to Crime and Deviance

Howard Garfinkel (1964) Ethnomethodology: Studies of the Routine Grounds of Everyday Activities

Role of Hedonism and Nihilism in explaining Youth Violence

US Federalism Continuity and Change

Comparing the roles of the UK Parliament and the US Congress

Sociology of Suicide; Scientific and Anti Positivist approaches

Sociological Approaches to Child Wellbeing


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