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What we do


Marbury provides one to one online tutorials in order to help develop your level of knowledge and understanding. These sessions also stress the development of your higher order skills like analysis, evaluation, criticism and application. This service provides exceptional value for money with our 5 or 10 hour block bookings. We comunicate through Skype instant messaging, voice or video call. Whether the student benefits from the Skype video calls or through the detailed feedback on written work via Word Comment all is charged at the same rate, it's simply the time spent. If a student or parent wishes to set a limit on the time spent on a piece of work they can do so in advance if they wish.

Improving writing skills and essay technique
(document review/improvement service)

Marbury dedicates the time and attention to detail necessary to give clear and comprehensive advice on word processed essays/homework. By using the review and comment facility on Word, we can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of your written work. Upon return of your document you simply make the revisions and improvements as necessary. Because our constructive comments are word processed rather than hand written, you’ll find them clear, useful and to the point. Additionally, by working with a subject specialist in this way your writing skills and knowledge base soon improves. On average we spend approximately an hour on each essay or piece of coursework, something few teachers or lecturers are able to do. Whether one is an 'A' level student or an Undergraduate, all marking, editing and commenting on written submissions is charged according to the time spent on it. So students buy a block of time and this is used for Skype video calls and on improving their written work. If one is on a tight budget clients are free to set a limit on time spent but clearly when time is very limited we might not be able to say the things we need to.

Learning resources

We can provide you with learning resources that can aid your understanding and general progress and add further variety to your studies. Those using our tutorial or document review/ improvement service can receive most of our learning resources free of charge (PowerPoint and Word documents are free but there is a small fee for audio downloads).

marbury education services ltd
Marbury Education Services Ltd
Marbury Education Services Ltd
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Undergraduate 2,500 word essay £380 Undergraduate 3,000 word essay £450
Post Graduate PhD 3,000 word support £500  

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